[we are PlanB]

PLAN A: Manuella Damiens is a journalist (20 years @ Le Soir, ELLE). Telling a story, convincing a target, connecting people. Gauthier De Jonghe is a creative strategist (18 years @ Young & Rubicam, SPACE). Analysing behaviours, building a strong strategy, choosing the right media.

PLAN B: Joined by a graphist and a team of free-lance experts, they combine their skills in a flexible, agile, modern project. Being concrete but creative, creative but concrete.

​20 years of copywriting and concept creation/execution including : journalism, social trends reporting, target understanding articles, brand content, magazine creation, movie scenarist, film production and film directing

Content & creation

Manuella Damiens

18 years of brand and advertising strategy including : consumption behaviour understanding, target analysis, category crunching, message & creative strategy, media strategy, concept deployment and  creative media approach

Strategy & insight

De Jonghe
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