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Who's PlanB ?

Gauthier De Jonghe is a creative strategist and worked for 25 years in advertising and media companies such as Young & Rubicam, Wunderman & SPACE media.


In this changing world, it was more than necessary to find new ways of communicating. Analyse all the new consumption and media behaviours, build strong strategies based on new facts, apply the strategy to impactfull creation following new formats and choose the right media.


This is what PlanB Communication is all about.


18 years of brand and advertising strategy including : consumption behaviour understanding, target analysis, category crunching, message & creative strategy, media strategy, concept deployment and  creative media approach

Strategy & insight

De Jonghe

Joined by graphic designers and a team of free-lance experts, they combine their skills in a flexible, agile, modern project. Being concrete but creative, creative but concrete.

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