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Inclusion and diversity,
major challenges

Age, sexual orientation, nationality, beliefs, appearance... Diversity is all the differences that make each of us unique within the group. And inclusion? It's about combining all these differences to make them a strength.

Diversity means being invited to the party.

Inclusion means being invited to dance.

Why now?

Diversity and inclusion are two major challenges that decision-makers will have to face within the next few years, and PlanB's role is to help you meet them.


in marketing :

because it directly influence our choices. A McKinsey study shows that for 60% of consumers, diversity and inclusion are important when making purchases. By adopting an inclusive marketing strategy, companies can create an emotional bond with ALL their customers.

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In management : 

because it is profitable. A study by the Boston Consulting Group and Google of the 100 largest Belgian companies reveals that an inclusive corporate culture translates into increased productivity and commitment, which generates 19% more innovation, and higher margins than in other companies. Those who say they are happy at work are 1.5 times more likely to say they always want to give their best.

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In human ressources :

because it makes the difference in the war for talent. The BCG-Google study shows that young talent attaches three times more importance to inclusion criteria than the previous generation when choosing a new employer. When they resign, 40% of minority talents justify their decision by the absence of an inclusive corporate culture.

Some sucessful inclusive companies

Where to start ?

To really play the inclusion game on a daily basis, companies need to take action at all levels: human resources, spoken and written language, through their products, management, online site, and so on.

We can help you meet this challenge, which is above all a matter of communication.

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